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Pupils' writing


A class poem by 5S following work in English lessons on metaphors

The Sun

The Sun is a lion's head, fluffy and yellow, his whiskers gleaming out,
A floodlight flooding a football pitch,
It is a football,
A shooting star in the sky.

The Sun is a globe, shimmering through the sky,
A firework bursting in the sky,
It is a lock of golden hair, shimmering,
A chocolate orange, ready to be eaten.

The Sun is a giant's basketball that's been in the oven, round and rough,
A fire, burning on a winter's morning,
It is a yellow rubber, rubbing on a paper to clean pencil,
A beautiful sunflower.

The Sun is a reflecting buttercup, waiting to be picked,
A delicious lemon, shimmering in the sky,
It is a boiling cloud, heated be a flame thrower,
A golden yellow tansy, glimmering.

The Sun is a big, transparent sphere full of lemon juice which pours out of the holes as rays,
A sparkling fire ball,
It is a TV,
A torch, beaming down on you.

The Sun is a lemon in a big round bowl with cotton wool,
The skin of a golden roast chicken, ready to be eaten,
It is a round jewelon fire in the dark trenches of space,
A precious nugget of gold, hiding in the dark.

The gleaming Sun is a beautiful wedding ring waiting to be put on a bride's finger.

by 5S