At Edwinstree computing is taught as a separate subject for one hour a week across all year groups. In addition, computing is used across all subjects to enrich the learning experience.

With the assistance of interactive white boards, computer linked projectors, Lego Mindstorm robots, cameras and other computing equipment, we are well equipped to embrace the challenges of today's technological world.

Our main suite provides access to 30 desktop computers and is where the weekly computing lesson is usually taught. Pupils also have access to modern laptops as well as a set of tablet computers, which allows curriculum enrichment throughout all school subjects.


Pupils are given the opportunity to develop a wide range of computing skills and apply these in a context. Some of the software we use is freely available to download from the internet, allowing your child to continue to develop their skills at home.

Year 5

  • Introducing computing and the internet (including e-safety)
  • Introduction to programming using Scratch.
  • Graphic Modelling using Google SketchUp
  • Introduction to spreadsheets
  • Taking control using robotics.

Year 6

  • Where I live - How to create a great multimedia presentation.
  • Murder Most Horrid - Solving a crime using database
  • Introduction to programming using Scratch (2015/16 Only)
  • Modelling scenarios using spreadsheets

Year 7

  • Advanced spreadsheet modelling
  • Creating a charity TV advert.
  • Learning TouchDevelop and the new BBC Microbit
  • Game on! - Program your own computer game
  • Efficient searching of the internet

Year 8

  • Image manipulation
  • Learning TouchDevelop (2015/16 only)
  • Staying safe on the internet
  • Programming using Python
  • Creating great websites.