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Anthony Glenn 2015

Christmas Hampers

Easter Service 2016

Edwinstree Sports Teams

News Article Gallery

Sports Day 2016

The BFG - Sep 2015

World Book Day 2016

Y8 Normandy 2017

Year 5 Back to Basics art

Year 5 Egyptian Designs

Year 5 India

Year 5 Painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

Year 5 The Rain Forest project

Year 5 This one is just for fun!

Year 6 Canopic Jars

Year 6 Joint science and technology workshop - minibeasts made with smart material Plastazote

Year 6 Photo course

Year 7 collages in the style of contemporary Artists David Mach (photo collages) and Jeannie Baker (materials and textures)

Year 7 Oil Pastel Landscapes

Year 7 One Point Perspective Drawings

Year 7 Paintings, Oil Pastel and mixed media Landscapes

Year 7 Pirate Props

Year 8 - Julian Opie style portraits

Year 8 Artwork on one point perspective

Year 8 Awards

Year 8 Battlefields Visit

Year 8 Identity project

Year 8 Painting In The Style Of Léger

Year 8 Papier-Maché Surreal Shoes

Year 8 Sustained pencil drawings from direct observation of a still life group of objects