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School Uniform

As from September we are looking for your support to ensure that all of our students return to school in full school uniform.  This includes a school tie, a white sleeved shirt with buttons to support a tie and a dark navy ‘v’ neck jumper, grey or black school trousers, grey or black socks for boys.  Girls have the choice of a navy or black skirt or navy or black regulation school trousers, navy, black or white socks or tights.  School shoes are expected to be formal and not trainers. 

In order to support you in purchasing school uniform, we have included some examples of the appropriate items.  I would like to emphasise that black jeans, black leggings or ‘trainer’ like shoes are not considered appropriate.

Out of all the improvements that have been made this year, our students’ uniform has continued to be considered a disappointment. To help us continue to improve, please support us by purchasing the correct school uniform and keep our students looking smart.