"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."

Collective Worship this half term.

Students have reflected this week on the birth of the Gospel with the Christian events of Ascension and Pentecost. We have also considered what is our faith and is it challenged by the terrorist events. Our conclusions bought us back to blind faith which is not a faith. We celebrated the Ariana concert and focused on the Black Eyed Peas performance of ‘One love’. We talked about their faith and how the song promotes this. We concluded with the belief that Ariana using faith, was able to create a concert that bought Manchester together and celebrated Love not Hate even after such an awful event. 

For the remainder of the term, each tutor group will be contributing to the Collective Worships by presenting their understanding of each of our key Christian values listed below and giving examples of individuals that exemplify this value:

  • Reverence
  • Peace
  • Wisdom
  • Forgiveness
  • Thankfulness
  • Friendship
  • Humility  
  • Justice
  • Endurance
  • Hope 
  • Service
  • Creation 
  • Compassion 
  • Koinonia 
  • Trust


If you know your child is presenting in COWO and you would like to come and celebrate with us, please contact the school office on 01763-271446 or email admin@edwinstree.herts.sch.uk to book a seat.  Our modern day hymns that we have selected this term are ‘Human’ – without a faith we are only human and Blacked Eyed Peas – ‘Where is the love?’ Tutor groups will be selecting traditional hymns that support their value to accompany modern day selections.