Personal Social Health Citizenship Economic Education

Overview of PSHCEE at Edwinstree Middle School

In Year 7, each class is split in half.  Half of the children do a condensed PSHCEE curriculum, half follow the UKRP:  UK Resilience Programme.

The PSHCE curriculum includes:

  • Identity, diversity and common values
  • Diversity and difference
  • Children’s rights
  • Developing a positive attitude to diversity
  • Developing skills of empathy towards others
  • Positive thinking and challenging offensive behaviour
  • Developing social and emotional skills that help to think positively
  • Challenging offensive behaviour and stereotypes
  • Homophobic bullying
  • Gender equality
  • Developing strategies for managing strong emotions
  • Managing feelings
  • Feelin’ Good Week
  • Becoming more aware of how they are feeling
  • Recognising the qualities of good relationships
  • Body image and the media

The Penn resilience programme