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We have been asking our local Council for a crossing on Bowling Green Lane for years, and this year the Council have provided one. However, it is not to the standard of the crossing we were hoping for, as it has no markings, and while the children know it is there, the cars do not. In fact, it is so inconspicuous that parents have remarked that it is almost causing more dangers being there than not. 

We are asking for an upgrade to a zebra crossing with road markings and flashing beacons which both pedestrians and car drivers can not miss. Could you help? We would like to go back to the Council with a set of signatures advocating for this upgrade. If you are willing to support us by signing our community and stakeholder petition, please visit the school office between 9am and 4pm and a member of the office staff will be happy to assist you, alternatively you can sign the petition at the Co-op or Sainsburys local in Buntingford.  We would ask you to complete the form yourself and ask other interested parties if they would also support us (over 18’s only please).  If you would like to help our campaign further, additional signature sheets will be available to collect from the school office. 

We also have an online form, however we ask that you only complete if you have not completed a paper version  https://forms.office.com/e/x0mzwjWurH

We would appreciate any assistance or ideas to help support our campaign.