"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."

Our curriculum: Our faith supports students to flourish

Our curriculum is designed to inspire our students to meet and exceed the National Curriculum expectations in English and Maths, and all subjects contribute to this learning. As a Christian school, we take time to assist students to gain a deep understanding of our Christian Values and to take every opportunity to explore how they might use them to live a rich and fulfilling life.

We consciously plan when and how our students will have the opportunity to reflect and develop their own spirituality. We celebrate the fact that we are a middle school and our curriculum should engage and inspire students. We know that as children, fun and curiosity remains a key part of their learning and each subject works hard to promote this. As an example, in Science, this is supported through a commitment to weekly experiments with as many ‘whizz bangs’ and gruesome moments that we can include! In history the students adore the ‘Crime and Punishment’ particularly the gory moments!

How will you know our curriculum is working? If we get it right, you will see an immediate improvement in writing across the school, we will inspire readers, even the hardest to reach with a text or factual piece. In maths they will feel confident with a challenge and their problem solving and reasoning will begin to develop. You may even find they beat you at logic by Year 8. Be warned! You might get thrown with a question about life and God at a moment you weren’t anticipating, and you will see their cognitive brains whirring with these thoughts. You will hear weekly, an excited moment of enthusiasm and or curiosity for something they have been learning in school.