"Our faith supports each individual at Edwinstree to flourish and challenges us, to live life in all its fullness."

The delivery of PSHCEE

PSHCEE is delivered during a one hour timetabled period each week. The responsibility for the planning and delivery of PSHCEE lies with the leader of PSHCEE, together with leaders of learning and year teams.

Time is allocated to discuss PSHCEE at year team meetings. The whole school meeting cycle also allows for current practice to be reviewd and policy to be developed. Inset time has been used to support staff in the delivery of PSHCEE and sharing good practice, as well as for the development and refinement of the PSHCEE curriculum.

The form tutor is a major contributor to the personal development of students, both in their pastoral role and as, in the majority of cases, the teacher of PSHCEE to their form group. It is necessary for them to use their teaching skills and knowledge of their own class to deliver PSHCEE in a way which is appropriate and stimulating.

We are aware that all areas of the school curriculum influence the personal and social development of students. We believe that all teachers are responsible for promoting this throughout the pupils they teach. Although PSHCEE is taught as a discreet subject, we are keen to promote the cross-curricular dimension of PSHCEE in order to support the overall aims and values of the school.

The framework also has a local, national and international dimension. We welcome the involvement of outside support agencies in the delivery of PSHCEE as well as guest speakers and visiting theatre groups.

The following areas offer a variety of opportunities for the effective delivery of PSHCEE:


Assemblies for each week are based on a theme which allows for reflection on a moral and spiritual level. Themes relate to issues which are covered in PSHCEE over the course of the year. Class assemblies to the whole school also offer the opportunity for the team work and building friendships.

Curriculum areas

Subject areas contribute to the personal and social development of the students through their teaching and learning policies and the content of their subject. PSHCEE is promoted by developing a sense of achievement, confidence and competence in all subject areas and focusing, where appropriate, on issues directly relating to PSHCEE.

School Ethos

All members of staff contribute to personal and social development through reinforcing the school's ethos, aims and values.

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care system provides opportunities to discuss social and moral issues on a regular basis.

Parents evening

Consultation evenings provide an important opportunity to discuss the personal and social development and progress of all pupils.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities offer many opportunities for personal, social and health development. Some of the activities are led, others provide vertical age groupings of students in cross-curricular activities. Some of the activities are listed below:

  • Homework club
  • Learning club
  • Science club
  • Sports clubs
  • Music activities
  • Theatre visits
  • Residential and one day trips
  • Chess club
  • House activities
  • Social and fund raising events

These activities outside the classroom provide our students with an enormous variety of enriching experiences which are valued highly.